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Workshops 2019


The workshops are intended for two groups of players:

  • Players who are very fresh to the instrument or thinking of starting their handpan journey

  • Players who have been playing for a while and want to expand their playing techniques and musical vocabulary.

Each group will have their separate session for effective and faster learning outcomes. Sessions will go for 90 minutes. Instruments are available for beginners who don’t have a handpan yet. The workshops will be aided by written material and instructive sheets which explain the concepts, exercises and practices in detail. It is recommended you attend both sessions and spare some time during the week to practice.

Workshops will be held at Yoga Moves studio in Paddington, Sydney (see the location button above for more detailed instructions).

Space is very limited!


I have done a few of Baran’s workshops now and have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and satisfaction of learning this amazing instrument. Baran’s teaching method is really easy to follow and he had us all playing in no time. Because he is so passionate and talented with this instrument, it makes the workshops loads of fun. Highly recommend and thanks Baran 


Baran’s handpan workshops were a huge help for me; showing new ways to explore my instrument, bringing new feelings and intentions to my playing and helping me to grow in my musicality and creativity. He holds incredible musical talent and knowledge, deep understanding of handpans, as well as a kind gentle compassionate teaching style with crystal clear communication. I highly recommend Baran’s workshops.


I was fortunate to have Baran as my handpan teacher. Baran combines knowledge of music theory and practical skills in his classes. He is patient and adapts his teaching style based on student needs. I highly recommend Baran if you want to learn how to play music.


Baran , hearing you play moved something in me , a feeling of calm , excitement and a desperate need to learn to play . I know I haven’t been the fastest learner but you have been the most patient teacher that has allowed me to learn at my own pace . Thank you for keeping it simple yet exciting , for pushing me but not scaring me away . It’s been a dream of mine to learn a musical instrument  and you’ve given me the courage to do that  . It’s been such a pleasure , thank you


  Previous Workshops


Hang drum workshop Website.jpg


In this workshop, fundamental and intermediate level Hang Drum & Handpan playing techniques will be shown. Practice methods will be demonstrated which will open new opportunities to your playing.

The workshop will be based on individual playing. Each student will be distributed instructional sheets and notations.

A limited number of Hang Drum & Hand Pans will be distributed to the students who don't own an instrument. 

Limited space available. For enrollment and all other questions and inquiries please contact Baran on

Handpan workshop at Global Rhythms Festival 2017


Get ready for hang drum and hand pan workshop sponsored by Global Rhythms Festival. Sydney based multi-percussionist Baran Yildiz will be holding two workshops 13:30 pm and 15:30 pm at the workshop tents on Sunday the 24th September 2017 . Check Global Rhythms Festival website ( for more details.